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    Go to the Join page and join us! By doing that you will be added to the ranks and you will help us get to the top ten armies in cp quicker! By being active you will rise through the ranks quicker than not active people and the people who aren't active get a demotion. When you start if you are the first one you will get second in command and the second will get same rank then I go down to the third rank put three people there and so on. Unless you just have no experience at all meaning you just started cp and are not in any armies you will get put at a high rank.
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    ninja7 h started cp in Nov. 18 2008 and the next year he heard of an army called acp. He joined that army and went to join armies like aw, gw, iw, rpf, ssacp and many more! The next year He wanted to desperately make an army. So he made an account on wordpress and made his first army called army of Alleble. He got tired of that army and made a new army called army of Araluen. Then he merged the army and quit the army business for a month. Then he made ten more armies all ending up dead. Them he got a great idea for an army name. The RPA He wanted to destroy ACP and posted on the UMA site for help. Of course they turned him down. Dill a soldier in nachos ACp and another army saw the comment and went to my site and joined. We had barely two days before another soldier joined. We became allies with ACP and declared war on nachos. That brings us up to right now.
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This is the newest army in cp! Just Go to the Join page and join and be active by listening to what the posts say and check this site regularly.

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